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Why use particle mix?

  1. Economical Coverage for Large Areas: Particle fishing is cost-effective because you can cover a larger area without breaking the bank. By combining different particles, you create a bait mix that spreads out and attracts fish over a wide range.


  1. Nutrient-Rich Goodness for All Fish: Particles are packed with nutrients, making them appealing to various fish species. Whether you’re targeting carp, tench, or bream, a mix of particles provides a diverse food source that fish find hard to resist.


  1. Bottom-Feeding Bonanza: Carp and other bottom-feeding fish love to forage on the lakebed. A blend of particles sinks to the bottom, creating a feeding frenzy as fish root around for their favourite morsels.


  1. Year-Round Versatility: Particle baits work well throughout the year. Whether it’s summer or winter, you can adjust your mix to suit the season and water conditions. For example, in spring and summer, tiger nuts and hemp seeds are popular choices3. In winter, you might opt for different particles or adjust the ratios.


  1. PVA-Friendly Magic: If you use PVA bags or mesh, particles are perfect. They bind well and release attractants slowly, keeping fish interested in your swim.

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