* The Monster Baits Smart Liquid is not just a simple food or attractant, but a “smart” formula that interacts with the water in a unique way.

* Unlike traditional attractants, it doesn’t just sit on the bottom or float on the surface. Instead, it disperses throughout the water column, infiltrating the substrate horizontally and then rising vertically.

* This unusual behaviour allows it to saturate the entire environment with a variety of compounds, including:

+ Advanced compounds (not specified what these are)

+ Free aminos (amino acids are important nutrients for fish)

+ Palatants (tastants that stimulate fish appetite)

+ Highly stimulatory trace elements (trace elements that are essential for fish health and metabolism)

* The combination of these compounds creates an irresistible attraction for fish, making them more likely to find and feed on the bait.


Overall, the “smart” label refers to the unique behaviour and effectiveness of the liquid, which allows it to create a more comprehensive and appealing attractant package.


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The Monster baits smart liquid 250ml is a cutting-edge angling product that offers a unique and innovative approach to attracting fish. Unlike traditional liquid foods or attractors, the Smart Liquid is designed to be intelligent and adaptable, dispersing throughout the underwater environment in a way that stimulates the fish’s senses.

Here are the key benefits of the Smart Liquid:

1. **Intelligent Formula**: The Smart Liquid is designed to disperse horizontally and vertically through the water column, ensuring that the entire underwater environment is saturated with advanced compounds, free aminos, palatants, and highly stimulatory trace elements.

2. **Versatility**: The Smart Liquid can be used with various baits and ground baits, including boilies, pellets, particles, floaters, and Hookbaits. It can also be added to ground baits during mixing, making it easy to incorporate into your fishing routine.

3. **PVA Friendly**: The Smart Liquid is compatible with PVA bags and other fishing accessories, making it easy to use in conjunction with your preferred fishing setup.


Overall, the Monster baits smart liquid 250ml is a revolutionary product that offers a new level of sophistication and effectiveness in angling. Its intelligent formula and versatility make it an attractive option for anglers looking to take their fishing game to the next level.

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